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Month: March, 2012

Old Wisdom

I recently came across this article about 10 papers every programmer should read. Now I don’t necessarily agree with all of that list, but here is the important part: I am about to finish a Master’s degree in computer science, and I have never heard of any of those papers before.

That is a list of papers which are sometimes more than 40 years old. Some of these gave us the assumptions that are normal for us to make about programming these days. I learned programming in the past ten years, and I had to rediscover some of this knowledge myself. I have made mistakes in programming that should never have been made, because people had solved those problems years ago. And I still see people make those same mistakes that I’m now smugly smarter about.

So what is there to do about it?

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GDC bragging

Since I’m handing out business cards at GDC this year, people should at least be able to see my current project on this site. So here is a simple video of my teammate running through a level.

Our game is very much inspired by Mirror’s Edge. We are receiving positive feedback from playtesting, and I think we’ll be able to finish a good game by the end of the semester.

We are still learning a lot from player feedback and we will not be using this level. We are working on new content, and are just interrupted by everyone going to GDC. Our tools allow us to make new content rather quickly, and I am really proud of them. So here is a video of them: