VR Will Be About Using Your Hands

I have been cautiously optimistic about VR for a while: DK1 and DK2 made me feel motion sick pretty quickly, but I could see that there was something neat there. Being able to effortlessly look around changes how the game feels. When you could lean forward in the DK2, it highlighted how constrained our camera has always been in games. Still I didn’t quite get what this would be useful for other than puzzle games.

The obvious use case is for news reports and videos. When I now see pictures from Syria I want to have a 360 degree picture to be able to look around and get a better feel for the situation. But for video games, VR didn’t quite click for me.

At GDC I played two games that used the Oculus and Vive controllers, and now I finally get what you can do with VR  in gamesthat you can’t do otherwise: You can use your own hands to interact with things in the virtual world.

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