Handmade Coroutines for Windows

In a previous post I implemented coroutines using the ucontext.h header. In this post I will show a replacement that should be much faster. I will also provide a Windows implementation.

I like to start off with some code, so here is the complete code for switching the stack in Linux:

    pushq %rbp
    movq %rsp, %rbp
    // store rbx and r12 to r15 on the stack. these will be restored
    // after we switch back
    pushq %rbx
    pushq %r12
    pushq %r13
    pushq %r14
    pushq %r15
    movq %rsp, (%rdi) // store stack pointer
    // set up the other guy's stack pointer
    movq %rsi, %rsp
    // and we are now in the other context
    // restore registers
    popq %r15
    popq %r14
    popq %r13
    popq %r12
    popq %rbx
    popq %rbp

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