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Recommended Link: Deprecating the Observer Pattern

A note about this post: I sometimes feel like I should have a Twitter account just to share random links, but I’d also like something more organized than Twitter. So I think I’ll just post short blog posts here every now and then which are basically just a link and a comment about the link. Let’s start with Deprecating the Observer Pattern:

One of my favourite papers. After you’ve read it here’s my comments:

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Another Opinion on “Almost Always Auto”

Herb Sutter has been promoting his almost always auto style again, and I think it is harmful. I would agree with “almost always auto” in Scala. I disagree with it in C++. And that’s because there is a slight difference in syntax for type inference between the two languages.

Here’s type deduction in Scala:

val inferred = 0
val typed : Int = 1

And here it is in C++

auto inferred = 0;
int typed = 1;

Seems similar, right? But the difference in syntax leads to different long term programmer behavior.

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