Learning D Part 1: IDE and Libraries

I am learning the D programming language.

I’m a C++ programmer, and like most C++ programmers I am rather annoyed with C++. It can be a pretty bad language. The problem is only that all other languages are even worse for the stuff that you’d want to use C++ for.

But D seems promising. Reading through the features of the language, you notice that it has many smart solutions for things which are cumbersome or error-prone in C++. I’ll go into benefits and problems of features one by one as I am using them. But the D overview page says under “Who D is for:”

  • Programmers who routinely use lint or similar code analysis tools to eliminate bugs before the code is even compiled.
  • People who compile with maximum warning levels turned on and who instruct the compiler to treat warnings as errors.

Which sounds like me, or at least sounds like the programmer I wish I was.

But to start, you just want a simple “Hello, World” on the screen. And that already is kinda complicated in D.

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