Bitcoin Mining for Space Heating

by Malte Skarupke

When googling for the above words you find lots of people making jokes about how Bitcoin mining hardware will turn into an expensive space heater quickly after purchase because the mining difficulty increases so fast. But using Bitcoin mining hardware as space heaters is not necessarily a bad idea.

In my apartment we mostly heat with electric heaters. Which is a giant waste of money, but we don’t have a choice. And electric heaters are basically devices that try to waste as much electricity as possible, because the more electricity they waste, the more heat they generate. Sounds kinda like Bitcoin mining, right? When I realized that I turned off my electric heater and made my computer mine Bitcoin. By my estimates I will get something like 2 or 3 dollar worth of Bitcoin out of that by the end of the month. Which is 2 or 3 dollar more than my electric heater gives me.

If I had realized this at the beginning of the winter and had bought specialized mining hardware, I could have actually gone through the winter making a good amount of money. If I can’t convince my landlord to switch our heating solution by next winter, I’ll certainly be doing that next year.