Happy Easter! I hid an Easter Egg in Just Cause 4 for You

by Malte Skarupke

One of my favorite things to have worked on was the Getting Over It easter egg in Just Cause 4. It was quite popular. Since I love Getting Over It, I decided to make three more easter eggs, one for each DLC. Turns out that was impossibly ambitious, but I did manage to get one out. One of the DLCs contains a second Getting Over It easter egg that nobody has found yet:

I already did a subtle leak of this a while ago, so you can find the coordinates for this on some websites. But I must have been too subtle… Last easter didn’t feel right to do this bigger reveal (I had only recently left Avalanche, plus everyone’s brain was kinda fried thinking about covid) so this easter seems more appropriate. So find the coordinates online, or go looking based on the video. Happy easter egg hunting!

For those that don’t know what this is about. It’s a reference to Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, this game:

Highly recommended. It’s a game to practice patience and perseverance. If you believe that games teach real world skills, and if you believe that patience and perseverance are valuable, you should play Getting Over It.